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Just saw this article come up thanks to #womenshistorymonth. I watch a lot of documentaries and such like on the space race (including the fantastic film, Hidden Figures. If you haven't seen it, watch it!), but the women who literally wove the programs into modules are just mentioned in passing.

This article goes into a bit more detail and celebrates the incredible work they did.

Getting ready to do another batch of #astropixels

20 sets put together and tested, just have 60 HP lights to solder up and test and then I'll get them boxed and put up on my store.

The HPs are a time consuming pain, but hopefully they won't take too long.

20 sets of astropixels on the floor of my office.

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Finally got round to powering my allsky camera up. Think I need to do something about the condensation on the inside of the dome.....

Might clear up as the Pi warms the enclosure up. Amazed its actually working to be honest, its been sat on a pole outside my garage for nearly two years now. (last powered up March 2021!)

#astronomy #allsky #raspberrypi #astrophotography

Late night sanding session, and the frame is super smooth. Just a few touch up areas.

One circle to reprint, but put the others on to test, and will probably work on them in place. So tomorrow may well be another sanding day.

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A nearly complete BB8 body sphere, waiting for a load of sanding and filling

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Got all the BB8 frame parts together. Only a little bit of swearing. First coating of car body filler on, so will sand that down in a bit and then start on the spray putty.

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BB8 frame on my bench with coating of car body filler

Time for an #introduction I think.

Life long #geek, more recently a #droidbuilder and #maker. Been into computers since a young age, now working as a solutions architect using #python to automate everything. I tend to stay away from politics so my feed is usually just things I make with an occasional link to interesting articles and such like.

Based in the North West of the UK. I have been following the whole distributed social media experiment with interest since the early days of Diaspora. I'm hoping that Elon has unwittingly helped us all out and done a good thing for the internet.

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First half of the frame with the worst bits filled using p.38, and a first pass with spray putty and sanded. Still some slightly rough areas to do.

Second half is printing now, should be done in a day or so and I'll do the same to that, then put the two halves together and the circle panels on to do the whole thing at once.

#bb8 #starwars #droidbuilders
Half of BB8's skeleton, sanded fairly smooth

Just doing some colour testing for my next droid. Settled on the yellow, just need to decide on the blue. Ignore the bad paint job, was a rushed one on some failed prints.

#bb8 #droidbuilders #starwars

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Finally finished the printing for the main bb8 sphere! Too many printer issues delayed it, but got there in the end. Next is either an improved flywheel weight, or maybe mess with lwpla for the head.

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Quite an interesting bit of visual data on the rise and fall of programming languages over the years.

Doing a test print and the filament broke at some point. So fed it back in whilst the print was still going, and despite a 5mm gap, it actually recovered! :)

#voron #livingontheedge #calibrationcube

Got a sound and light board on its way, needs some weathering too, but pleased with how it's turned out.

My resin printer has been doing nothing for ages, so despite how cold it is in the garage, I've managed to get some good prints out of it.

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Thanks to Nik at for my awesome #astropixels logo, and for for turning it into a rubber stamp!

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A few weeks back I wrote a post listing all my @Raspberry Pi :raspberrypi: projects. I may be the reason for the supply shortage. :P

To paraphrase a certain chocolate egg marketing campaign:

How do you use yours?

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I've a drawer full of old RPi, including an original.

I've looked at the meteor cams too, not sure if I can dual purpose my allsky cam. Will look at the cloud cover! :D
@me15weather Here's my original source from 8 years ago in C - it ran on an original 1A with a now obsolete sensor board but was a standard V1 camera.

I've branched it as I've started rewriting it from scratch but the math is pretty simple.

As for meteor I'd suspect it'll should be separate to the all sky cam.

Apologies to my contacts as I keep moving servers. ???? I'd set up my own instance, but then figured a droidbuilder one would be a good idea and I can share it then.

Hopefully this is the last move! ????

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